The Educational Social Media Tool for Schools

Designed by educators for children to thrive online


Aligned with online safety, PSHE, RSE and UKCIS curricula


Teaches pupils how to navigate the digital world


Focuses on digital relationships and the importance of empathy


Develops media literacy and digital communication skills

Weaving Online Safety Throughout the Curriculum

Natterhub delivers online safety lessons enabling children to reflect on, learn and understand our relationships with technology in a positive way.

There are endless benefits to using the internet if accessed safely, Natterhub ensures that the digital generation are taught how to do exactly that.

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An Engaging, Interactive Way to Learn Digital Citizenship

Natterhub is a gated learning environment for pupils to develop key life skills.

Interactive and engaging lessons, activities and features guide pupils towards a more savvy way of navigating the digital world that they will carry with them through life.

A Safe, Gated Social Media Platform

Natterhub is a fun, engaging space that looks and feels like social media, providing an innovative approach to media literacy teaching and learning across multiple devices.

Aligned with the current government approved curriculum, Natterhub allows schools to adopt a hands on approach to learning without the worries of the real-world internet so that pupils can safely learn from their mistakes in a non-judgemental environment.

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