The Educational social revolution for 5-11 year olds
Natterhub is a Relationships and Social Media site for children, to use in Primary Schools. It enables pupils to learn the genre of Social Media in a secure, online space.
How will it work?
Our framework is fully aligned with the PSHE and RSE curriculum. Children will learn how to use social media within an educational context. They will learn how to safeguard themselves for the future.
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Hands up Who needs Natterhub?
Natterhub is for all primary aged children from Year 1-6. Children will be guided through the highly regarded ‘Badges of Honour’ system towards the desirable ‘Digital Citizen’ award.
About us
Changing the way we educate children’s online practices and social awareness
Here at Natterhub, we believe that education ought to prepare children for their life beyond school. Statistics show that Social Media has impacted our children's lives enormously. Natterhub has been designed to bring the genre of Social Media to primary schools so that children can learn in a safe, sandbox environment which is exciting, intuitive and informative. Natterhub is what comes before other Social Media.
Safe and fun
Natterhub is the Education of Social Media
Too many children are suffering because they are embroiled in the world of Social Media, unaided. uneducated and unsupported. Natterhub aims to bring experience of Social Media to the classroom so that the framework can be used in the classroom and the lessons and conversations about staying safe online can help the critical situation our children face.
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In the classroom
Teachers love natterhub
Natterhub is lovely to use! Children take ownership of their homepage and understand which information is appropriate to share. Natterhub offers an educational backdrop to the world of Social Media and enables children to have a framework for sharing their achievements and work in the modern classroom.
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