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Innovative Online Safety
& Digital Literacy Tool

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Designed by educators for children to thrive online

Avatar with Tick Aligned with online safety, PSHE, RSE and UKCIS curriculum
Avatar with Play button Teaches pupils how to navigate the digital world
Avatar with circle Focuses on digital relationships and the importance of empathy
Avatar with spring Develops media literacy and digital communication skills
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Media Literacy Lessons

Natterhub lessons are aligned with online content for PSHE, RSE, and UKCIS Education for a Connected World making teaching the curriculum simpler for you, wherever in the world you are.

Natterhub can be used individually or in groups on tablets, laptops and desktops.

Online Safety

Natterhub weaves safe screen use and behaviour throughout the curriculum, embracing the importance of online empathy as a crucial part of digital communication and vital learning for pupils.

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Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence

Natterhub is a cohesive, innovative framework for pupils to showcase work and share learning.

Set an example for your pupils with positive use of social media in school and develop media literacy on a fun, engaging platform. Natterhub isn’t just about lessons, it includes features such as creating an avatar, completing quizzes and earning badges.

What Do Pupils Learn From Natterhub?

Background How to communicate using technology
Background To make intelligent choices about what they do online
Background The importance of balancing time on and off screens
Background How to learn effectively, using the internet
Background The importance of respectful online dialogue
Background To question content and remain open-minded
Background To act with integrity and honesty online
Background To use privacy settings to stay safe online