INTRODUCING natterhub: The Relationships and Social Media Tool
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Natterhub is born of the belief that Social Media is an integral part of our daily life. Our children are at risk from new threats that need urgent address. Primary schools are looking for tools to effectively teach digital citizenship.
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The Education of Social Media
Over a five year period, The Pedagogs have been working closely with teachers, children and parents to develop the concept of Natterhub. They have been driven to produce an outstanding product, working with the most experienced of technical teams and expertise to create software that has the potential to change the face of education in primary schools. Natterhub is modern, simple and timely. It will bring primary schools into the modern age and all for the greater good.
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15 Years of praise and positivity in the classroom
The Pedagogs
Since 2005, The Pedagogs have been making award-winning educational products that send important messages to young children. With their roots firmly in the PSHE field, The Pedagogs team have turned their attention from paper to a digital arena and continue to make their voices heard to raise self esteem, support children's learning to produce outstanding resources for innovative teachers.
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Changing the face of education
With a Natterhub subscription, teachers have access to all lesson plans for effective PSHE and RSE teaching and learning. Natterhub can be used to as a Social Media framework to teach any other lessons. Natterhub places the mental wellbeing and personal, social development at the centre of your classroom. Educate, educate, educate!
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Covering all Online Safety and Digital Citizenship for Primary Schools
Natterhub is the new backbone for your classroom
The intuitive design of Natterhub means that children are able to 'play at Social Media' in the security of the classroom environment. Easy to use and essentially self-managing, your children will love the chance to add to the newsfeed and share their work. Click here for more information.
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