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We took on a passion project to provide a unique, interactive way for 5-11 year olds to learn how to become safe, savvy and kind digital citizens.

Designed for children

With former education credentials and a parent of two young children, Co-founder Caroline Allams had a strong vision for how a child-friendly solution could support teachers to deliver an impactful and memorable learning experience. CEO and Co-founder Manjit Sareen, also a parent of two, could see the critical need to turn online safety education into something that children could really engage with - a safe space for them to practise digital communication.

A timely arrival

Natterhub’s school platform launched in 2020, right in the heart of a global pandemic. At a time when schools and pupils were having to adapt to digital learning, children were at their most vulnerable. Utilising adult devices to complete lessons and taking part in video calls was a steep learning curve for everyone involved. Online safety concerns only became apparent after the initial rush to whole-school digital learning. Thankfully, Natterhub was a ready-to-go solution with animated lessons covering everything from managing secure passwords to highlighting the need for self-protection when photo sharing and taking part in group chats. Once life returned to the classroom, schools could be shown the many benefits of the Natterhub School solution. With a 350+ curriculum-aligned lesson library and the ability for teachers to plan and assess a whole year - within minutes - the platform soon attracted many admirers.


As Natterhub school numbers grew in the UK and across 80 countries around the globe, it was clear that online safety was increasingly becoming a priority. Recognition of the very unique space that the Natterhub platform occupies, came in the form of a 2022 Bett Award for ‘Transformational Impact’. A succession of awards followed, proving that Natterhub is making a difference, something that means a great deal to the team that stands behind it.

Online safety: school & home

Today Natterhub leads the way in online safety education and has expanded its solutions to cover digital citizenship in schools and at home. With an award-winning school platform as a great foundation, Natterhub Home was developed for parents, to help ensure their child acquires the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe online. Promoting early intervention, the personalised, interactive lessons and activities help a child to work towards digital independence.

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