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About Us

Photo of Natterhub being used in the classroom

What We Do

We teach children to be safe and kind digital citizens.
Because we believe that every child has the right to learn how to thrive online, we have created an experiential learning environment for pupils to learn about their relationship with screens.

Illustration of Deena on a phone

At Natterhub:

  • Embracing the benefits of the internet. We make children aware of the risks of being online, but we also want them to see the internet as a place to find knowledge, fun and friendships.
  • Learning through play. We create the opportunity for valuable teaching moments through structured play, which we know engages pupils more than the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ approach.
  • Going above and beyond the curriculum. With Natterhub’s resources, teachers can not only deliver against the demands of the online safety curriculum, but create truly impactful digital citizenship lessons through which we can demonstrate tangible progress.
  • A sandbox environment The walled garden Natterhub environment gives children the skills they need to safely step into the online world on their own device. And we have all the information that parents need to be digitally savvy.
  • So much more than online safety. Natterhub teaches children to approach the internet with kindness, empathy, resilience and critical thinking - skills that will last them a lifetime.
Illustration of Deena on a phone
Illustration of Mrs Derbyshire, one of our teachers

Who we are

Backed by experts and four years of research

Following on from extensive school based research, Natterhub was built and designed to create the most impact for pupils to develop critical thinking skills associated with being online. With metacognition at the heart of the project, we have continued to reflect and adapt our product in order for it to provide schools with the highest quality digital literacy education. We’ve been supported by TwinklHive, and are closely aligned with safeguarding organisations like the NSPCC and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

Illustration of Mr Antwood, one of our teachers

Backed by experts (Reasons to Believe)

We’ve been supported by TwinklHive, and have partnered with safeguarding organisations like the NSPCC and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

We are parents and teachers, just like you. (Our Personality)

Our team has over five decades of classroom experience, so we know what makes children tick. We know what they need to learn, and the best ways to help them learn it.

Illustration of Mr Antwood, one of our teachers
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