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8 Educational Twitter Accounts You Should Definitely Follow

8 Educational Twitter Accounts You Should Definitely Follow
One of the best things about social media is being able to meet all kinds of brilliant new people - especially at a time when there aren’t as many chances to meet new people in real life. In the past few months we’ve come across some fantastic folks on Twitter who are spreading kind and positive vibes, which we could all use right now. If you’re a teacher on Twitter, or just passionate about education, these are the people you need to follow!

Tom Griffiths is an Assistant Head and self-confessed Neighbours addict from Birmingham. We love seeing him tweet about the brilliant books he shares with his class, and his #MorningTom grids, where he uses pictures of everyone from Barbie to Justin Timberlake to measure his followers’ moods, never fail to brighten up the news feed.

The Cybersmile Foundation is an anti-bullying charity promoting ‘kindness, equality and inclusion’ - three things we can definitely get behind. Their Twitter feed is full of inspiring images and messages of positivity that are sure to give you a boost, and lessons we could all use a reminder of every now and then.

We like Twitter users who help spread the love, and that’s just what Evo Hannan does! Using the hashtag #MondayMotivators, he tags other Twitter users that have given him a boost throughout the previous week. He also organises the #GlobalStaffroom Sunday, a chance for educators around the world to connect and share ideas.

Mental health in digital spaces is something we love talking about, and that’s why we love Mr. W. He’s a Scottish primary teacher, and the creator of #WBWednesday, a thread for all kinds of people - not just educators - to share words of encouragement and mindfulness tips.

There are few things that make us feel better than getting lost in a good book, and Year 6 teacher Rich Simpson clearly agrees. As well as tweeting about books for children and grown-ups, he’s also in charge of the #kindnessripple, where teachers spread positive vibes across Twitter.

Adrian Bethune is the author of ‘Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom’, so it’s safe to say that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to mental health. His timeline is full of excellent wellbeing resources and videos, and he also offers training sessions to help teachers think about self-care. 

Looking for a way to network with other teachers on Twitter? Toria and Mr. G have got you covered. Toria’s #TinyVoiceTuesday and Mr G’s #FFBWednesday allow teachers to swap advice, share tips and generally feel like they’re part of a lovely community. Be sure to check out Toria’s podcast, Tiny Voice Talks, on her Twitter feed!

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