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Get Stuck into Natterhub for the New School Year!

Get Stuck into Natterhub for the New School Year!
The new term is upon us, and we know that this year teachers have even more on their plates than usual. Not only do schools have to adjust to new social distancing rules, they also have to consider how they’re going to implement the new compulsory Relationships and Health Education curriculum. It’s a lot to worry about, and that's why we've designed Natterhub to make the start of the school year as smooth as possible.

Will it help me to teach the new RSE curriculum?
Though the new guidelines don’t technically have to be in place until the summer term in 2021, being RSE ready right off the bat is a great way to help your school stand out from the crowd. We’ve aligned Natterhub not just to the RSE, Citizenship and Computing curriculum, but also to key documents like the UKCIS ‘Education for a Connected World’ and the Government’s Online Harms White Paper. Take a look at our alignment documents and our Curriculum Target Tracker for more information.

How easy will it be to train my colleagues to use Natterhub?
We know it can be difficult to get colleagues - especially the less tech-savvy ones - to adjust to using a new platform, but Natterhub is straightforward and easy-to-use. All of the lesson plans, resources and assessment tools are built right into the platform, so all you have to do is click and teach. We can even arrange a free, bespoke training session to turn your colleagues into Natterhub pros. Just email to organise a date and time which suits you.

What if we have a local lockdown?
Blended learning  is a buzzword you’ve probably heard plenty over the summer, and it’s probably going to be the status quo for the foreseeable future - particularly if circumstances mean schools in a particular region need to close again. We designed Natterhub to ensure teachers could use it remotely, to teach lessons and set activities for pupils on the news feed. We’re also currently working on a range of animated lessons that children can work through independently without the need for teacher direction.

How much does it cost?
We know that resources are tight for many schools right now. When lockdown began we made the decision to launch Natterhub early and make it free for teachers to sign up, and it’ll stay free until January 2021. That way, you have plenty of time to get to know us before you need to make a decision!

Teacher accounts will remain free to set up, with training and support included. We offer schools a yearly license based on the number of pupils they wish to sign up:

  • Band 1 (up to 80 pupils) - £275 per year
  • Band 2 (81 to 150 pupils) - £550 per year
  • Band 3 (151 to 300 pupils) - £950 per year
  • Band 4 (300+ pupils / MATs) - Contact us for pricing

(Keep an eye on our social media for some special offers in the October half term!)

Can we use Natterhub in a socially distanced classroom?
Socially distanced classrooms can make learning difficult, and some computer rooms may be off-limits in some schools. Natterhub is compatible with tablets (which are super easy to clean) and laptops. When distancing rules start to relax, you can even have multiple children in a bubble sharing the same device. Have some wipes on hand and it ought to overcome any hygiene issues and comply with your school protocol!

Why is Natterhub important?
Simple – because unchecked, the use of social media and excess screen time can have such a damaging impact on the habits and wellbeing of children. We want to change this by providing a space that prepares children to thrive online. Young children are already adept at communicating digitally (87% of primary-age children use the internet on a regular basis), so it’s crucial that we teach them how to do it safely and confidently.

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