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Getting Started With Natterhub
Congratulations on taking your first steps into the exciting world of Natterhub! You’ve signed up for your free trial, you’ve created your hub and added all your pupils. The digital world is your oyster.

If you’re not sure where to begin, or it’s been a while since you last used the tool, don’t worry - getting started with Natterhub is easy. In fact, here are the first three things you should do...

Customise your avatar and post in the news feed

The avatar builder has hundreds of hairstyles, clothes, accessories and more, allowing you and your pupils to create avatars that are as unique as you are. Once you’re happy with yours, we recommend writing a message on the news feed and encouraging your pupils to do the same so that they feel comfortable posting and commenting. Don’t forget, you can add emojis to your posts, or even upload photos and videos. 

Teach a couple of the interactive lessons 

There are more than 200 interactive lessons on the platform, and each one comes with a detailed lesson plan so you can jump right in. Pupils will love using the comments at the side of each lesson to interact with each other and their teacher, and at the end of each lesson you can post a quiz to the news feed to help consolidate their learning.

Choose an Activity to post to the news feed 

The interactive lessons where we focus on online safety, but the Activities section of the tool includes engaging tasks based around everything from Maths to Music. Simply click on a post to add it to the news feed, and get your pupils to respond by uploading their work as a photo or a video.

If there’s still something you’re not sure about, head over to the Tutorials page on our website. We’ve put together a whole range of easy-to-follow videos to help you get to grips with Natterhub.

What are you waiting for? Get your pupils on some devices, have some fun, and learn some critical digital skills! 

About Natterhub

Natterhub is an educational social media platform created to prepare primary school children to thrive online. 

Our interactive lessons give children all the skills that they need to stay safe in a digital landscape, and our Badges of Honour help teachers to keep track of their progress. 

With a cleverly designed interface that looks and feels like social media, children learn in an environment that feels like the real deal whilst teachers can make use of the extensive Natterhub content library to keep pupils engaged and inspired.

Natterhub is powered by TwinklHive, and is used in over 40 countries around the world. Twinkl, a global educational publishing house, offers primary and secondary resources to 8.5 million members, across 197 countries.

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