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Give Yourself a Check-Up from the Neck Up!
Your mental wellbeing is all about how you feel, and how well you can cope with daily life. This can change all the time. 

You may not always feel happy, and that’s OK. Everybody feels sad, worried or angry sometimes. This can be because of things that happen in your life, or sometimes for no reason at all!

But if you feel low for a long period of time, you might need some help to feel better.

Are You OK?

Sometimes it can be hard to notice that something isn’t quite right with your mental wellbeing. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to figure out how you’re feeling:

  • Do you feel angry or sad but don’t know why?
  • Do you find it hard to express your emotions?
  • Is it hard to concentrate on your work at school?
  • Do you find it hard to be interested in your hobbies?
  • Are you using your screens more than usual?
  • Are you eating more or less than normal?
  • Do you feel tired and want to sleep more?
  • Are you unhappy with who you are?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, it might mean that something’s wrong!

What Can You Do to Feel Better?

It’s perfectly normal to feel sad or low sometimes, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day. Here are a few easy things you can try to make you feel better!

1. Take lots of breaks!

When you’re working hard at home or at school, you should always take breaks to give your brain a rest! You might need a snack or some exercise, but you could also play a game or read a book with somebody at home.

2. Talk to a trusted adult!

If you’re feeling a little low, it’s extremely important that you talk to an adult who you can trust. This could be a parent, an older relative, or maybe a teacher at school. It can be scary to admit that something is wrong, but a trusted adult will want to do everything they can to make you feel better.

3. Get some fresh air!

Try to spend time outside each day. If you have a garden you could read, play games or even have a picnic! If you don’t have a garden, ask an adult if they can take you for a walk. Being out in the fresh air and doing exercise can be great for your mood, especially when the sun is shining!

4. Do something you love!

You might like to cook, bake, build models, knit, paint, play football, play board games (Scrabble’s our favourite!), or just sit quietly and read a book… No matter what it is, keep doing what you love! Doing the things that make you happy will improve your mental wellbeing if you are feeling low.

5. Get some rest!

We all know that a bad night’s sleep can make you feel grumpy, but there are lots of things you can do to get a proper rest. Try to go to bed at a similar time every night, and make sure you turn off your devices for an hour before you go to sleep. The blue light from the screen can keep your brain awake for hours!

If you need someone to talk to, Childline will give you advice about anything.
You can phone them for free on
0800 11 11.

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