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Natterhub supports 'Laptops for Kids'

The last year of blended learning has made it clear how important it is that every child has access to their own device and a stable internet connection. That’s why we’re supporting the Laptops For Kids scheme, which is collecting refurbished laptops and handheld devices, and making them available to participating schools and families in the UK.

Natterhub teaches children to be safe and kind digital citizens. With our resources, teachers can not only deliver against the demands of the online safety curriculum, but create truly impactful digital citizenship lessons. We give children the skills the need to safely step into the online worl on their own device. 

If your school is participating in the Laptops for Kids scheme then this blog will help you get started with Natterhub, as well as showing you what your school can do with the platform.


How to set up your free Natterhub account

Setting up your free Natterhub account is easy. Just click the big orange button at the top of our website to go to our registration form. There, you’ll be asked to give your name, your school email address and the name of your school. Once we’ve verified your school, your account will be ready to use!

Use the easy-to-follow Tutorial videos to upload your pupils names and set up your school. 

After 7 days, your free full-access trial will expire. We want to make sure that every pupil who gets a device through the Laptops For Kids scheme is as safe as possible when they use it. So, to continue accessing the core content please get in touch with us at and we will set you up with a Laptops For Kids account, completely free of charge.


Finding Natterhub’s core content

From the Natterhub news feed, click Lessons to be taken to the Natterhub Plus section of the website. There you’ll find the core lessons by clicking on the box marked Laptops For Kids.


Benefits for teachers and pupils

Each lesson is linked to a unique Badge of Honour system, allowing teachers to easily keep track of pupils’ progress. Teachers love using the lessons because “It’s easily structured… and you can pick and choose lessons to fit into the Computing and RSHE Curriculum.” Jess Rowe, Mere Brow CE Primary School.

As for pupils, they’ll love using the news feed to share photos, comments and videos, as well as spreading a little happiness!


Got a question? Get in touch.

You can speak to our brilliant customer service team by calling them on 0114 399 6905, or dropping them an email at


Can you help Laptops For Kids?

If you have an old laptop at home that you’d like to donate to Laptops For Kids, or you want to make a donation to the scheme, you can find more information on their website.

About Natterhub

Natterhub is an educational social media platform created to prepare primary school children to thrive online. 

Our interactive lessons give children all the skills that they need to stay safe in a digital landscape, and our Badges of Honour help teachers to keep track of their progress. 

With a cleverly designed interface that looks and feels like social media, children learn in an environment that feels like the real deal whilst teachers can make use of the extensive Natterhub content library to keep pupils engaged and inspired.

Natterhub is powered by TwinklHive, and is used in over 50 countries around the world. Twinkl, a global educational publishing house, offers primary and secondary resources to 8.5 million members, across 197 countries.

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