Friday, April 17th 2020

Natterhub Hints & Tips

Launching Natterhub has been an exciting time, and we are thrilled to be hearing stories of your first few days on the platform! It is a big machine with many whirling cogs, so we thought it would be helpful for Natterhub newbies to have some tricks up their sleeves for getting started. 

Firstly, setting up. We have made this quick and easy; use the ‘Sign Up’ button [link to button] on our website to register  with your unique school email address, and once the email verification process has been completed, you will have instant access to the Natterhub platform. The team here will be verifying email addresses to ensure those signing up are going to be using the platform for teaching and educational purposes within a ‘school’ environment. 
Next, you will be prompted to begin setting up your hub and class names. This can be done manually through the platform, or by uploading a csv file. All the instructions guide you through this. 

We will be distributing a parent letter template via email so that parents can be informed of why you are choosing to use Natterhub and the benefits for their children. We suggest that this be sent out before allocating login details. 
Once your pupils have their login details, you will be ready to deliver the ‘Welcome to Natterhub!’ lesson! This explains expectations surrounding online behaviours , and pupils will be required to sign a Child Agreement at the end to confirm they understand the rules of conduct.
That’s all there is to it - now you and your pupils are ready to safely use Natterhub.

Once you are up and running on Natterhub you may want to refer to our ‘How To’ Guide; a comprehensive (and pretty!) set of instructions to give you a tour around the platform. This is complemented by video tutorials which can be found alongside the How To Guide both on our Tutorials page.

Alternatively, you may want to head over to our FAQ page to see if any of your questions can be answered there.

If neither of these answers your query, please do drop us a message and we will do our utmost to get back to you quickly! You can do this via

See the benefits for yourself as you explore this exciting online platform with your class. Some of our favourite features include...
  • Badges of Honour; these allow children to earn Badge Power for completing lessons, activities, and demonstrating positive online behaviours. 
  • The avatar creator is the basis of some Natterhub lessons surrounding online identity, and is also a great way for children (and teachers!) to express themselves.
  • Nattercalm time at the end of each lesson gives pupils a chance to focus on what they have just learnt as well as taking a moment to be still and calm. 
  • The Newsfeed allows children to stay connected during this period of isolation and feel part of their school community.

We are looking forward to hearing all about your first Natterhub clicks soon!

The Natterhub team :)


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