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Natterhub & Parents: Everything You Need To Know

Natterhub & Parents: Everything You Need To Know
Parents - now that your children are most likely back in school, there’s a chance that they’ll  be coming home to tell you about this amazing new platform called Natterhub that they’ve been using in the classroom. So we thought this was the perfect time to tell you a little bit about what we do.

Why is Natterhub important?
Like it or not, screens are already an integral part of our children’s lives. Instead of worrying about how long they spend on screens, we should focus on what children are doing on screens. Our philosophy is that children need a certain skill set in order to navigate social media (and the internet in general) once they reach the proper age. 

What will my children learn on Natterhub?
Natterhub is what comes before social media: like the training wheels on a bike. That way, you can relax and know that your child is ready when the time comes to give them their first device. 

There are over 200 lessons, and they’ll teach your child everything from creating a strong password to the importance of putting your screens to bed and getting a good night’s sleep. To make things easy to follow, the lessons are split into eight strands, each with their own learning objective:

  • Question It: To question content and remain open-minded.
  • Secure It: To use privacy settings to stay safe online.
  • Feel It: The importance of respectful online dialogue.
  • Think It: To make intelligent choices about online activity.
  • Learn It: How to learn effectively, using the internet.
  • Balance It: The importance of balancing screen time.
  • Mind It: To act with integrity and honesty when online.
  • Chat It: How to communicate using technology.

Sounds great! How do I sign up my child?
If your child’s school isn’t already using Natterhub and you want to recommend it, you can fill in this simple referral form on our website. Then we’ll get in touch with the school and tell them everything they need to know.

Is there a risk of cyberbullying in the classroom?
Teachers can see everything that goes on in Natterhub. There's no private messaging system, and everything that’s posted is visible to everybody. Children can report any post they think is inappropriate, and teachers can delete it if they wish. Then they can discuss the incident, just like they would if something happened in the playground or the classroom.

Can I see what my child is doing on Natterhub?
At the moment, only teachers and pupils can create Natterhub accounts. But don’t worry - we’re working on a Parents’ Hub to allow you to check in on your child’s progress. You’ll be able see what lessons and activities they’ve been doing, plus we’ll provide you with information about all the latest screen trends so you won’t feel left behind.

What happens if schools go into lockdown again?
We designed Natterhub to ensure teachers could use it remotely. If your child’s school has to close its doors again, teachers can use it to teach lessons and set activities for pupils on the news feed. We’re also working on a series of animated lessons that your child can work through independently, without the need for teacher direction.

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