Friday, May 08th 2020

Success Stories!

It has been 3 exciting weeks since Natterhub launched and we have been blown away by the amount of positive feedback and stories our users have been sending in. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their Natter News!

We are so proud of the initial responses that we felt we should share some success stories from around the world with our Natterhub community. 

“Natterhub is just what the online children of the world need! Not only is it really visual, it ticks all the boxes that are required of a digital teaching tool as set by governing bodies. One of the best new products I have seen.”
Jonny Allams, ‘All Learning’ (Educational Consultant), London UK

“I’ve had a look through and I think it’s brilliant! I like the features such as the badges and the activity suggestions etc. I also love the lessons and think they look really good visually. They will also be easy for teachers to use as everything is planned out and ready.
I am new to leading online safety in my school and have been looking for a set of lessons that will cover the whole school as most just cover Key Stage 2 or have lessons for a phase as opposed to a year group. So it’s great to see plenty of lessons for individual year groups.”
Leanne Opdam, Chorlton Park Primary School, Manchester UK

“Wow, Natterhub is so obviously a solution for preparing children for screens. Natterhub has really hit the nail on the head. My class is set up and ready to go, and I am really looking forward to being able to connect the children back in their ‘classroom’ environment. My pupils have been missing each other and they are excited to communicate on Natterhub, This is a tool with huge potential. Once we get back to whatever normal will be, I can think of so many ways we can use this to innovate the classroom.”
Nick Oram-Tooley, Frensham Heights, Farnham UK

“I am a bit of a technophobe so was worried about setting Natterhub up, but it honestly could not have been easier. A simple sign up process with very clear instructions throughout. Having uploaded my class and allocated the login details, I am ready to teach within two days of signing up. Just brilliant! 
In all honesty, I was quite concerned about the potential of online bullying. However, Natterhub has protected teachers and pupils against this by all interactions being visible to everyone. It's great knowing that children can connect online without the worry of hidden nasty behaviour.”
Rebecca Neilson, Year 2 Teacher, Qatar

“With the intuitive interface, thorough teaching notes and brilliant visuals, the Welcome Lesson went down an absolute treat. The children commented throughout and were able to get a full understanding of how Natterhub works. I now have a class of children who have signed their Child Agreements and we’re ready to go into our first ‘Chat It’ lesson. I can’t wait for more! The children have been begging for us to use it since we trialled it! Such a simple and much needed solution.”
Ann Davidson, Thomas’s, Clapham UK

If you are keen to sign up for Natterhub, but aren’t sure how to fit it into your busy teaching schedule, don’t worry! Sign up here, and our simple instructions will support you in setting up your class. Then, when you are feeling confident with your online teaching routine, we will be waiting for you! In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at


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