Tuesday, April 14th 2020

We're launching!

Dear Parents and Teachers

We are co-founders of Natterhub. First and foremost, we are both parents and one of us has over 20 years of teaching experience!

Natterhub is a safe, gated social media platform that teaches children to thrive online.  It  is not enough for children just to be safe,  they need to know how to navigate their online lives. Children need to be online-aware, savvy and sceptical about what they read.

We were not expecting to launch just yet. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have decided to change our business model and reach out at a time when children are using devices more than ever before. An already chronic problem surrounding online behaviour is about to get a lot worse. 

As of September 2020, the Health and Relationships Education aspect of PSHE is becoming compulsory for all schools across the UK. This includes considering different types of relationships (real world and online), mental health awareness, and online safety. Natterhub supports all of these aspects of education in a safe, exciting environment. 

As parents and teachers, we know you understand the importance of ‘letting children have a go’. This is how they learned to walk, how to talk and how to ride a bike. This is why we have created a safe space for them to ‘play’ at being online. We created a pretend ‘social network’  where children can learn how important it is to be kind, to be careful and to be respectful.

Natterhub is deeply educational. We believe that children have the right to an education that prepares them for life beyond school. Packed with lessons such as, how to behave online, when to put down your device, when to get help, how to communicate digitally are all inside. Natterhub lessons are exciting and interactive and most importantly, they are carried out by your child’s teacher. To the pupil, they feel like they are using social media.

We are fortunate to be backed by TwinklHive and they are helping us to fast track our launch to help children, parents and teachers to have the tool they need to teach children, effectively, about being digital citizens. The lessons are suitable for children aged 5-11 years old and although aligned to the UK National Curriculum, they are suitable for children all over the world. We have done our research and we know that children everywhere are faced with the same issues related to screens.

Natterhub is now set to be released on 16th April. It is free to schools. Teachers can sign up and create a community within their class. Children can stay connected to their classmates and feel part of their school community. Teachers will be able to set a time to stream a lesson, easily, to their class. Parents can take comfort and feel supported in the knowledge that their children are safe online. Pupils learn how to manage their online lives and will benefit from other high quality content such as fitness videos, news reports and worksheets provided by our partners at Twinkl. Other content partners to be announced soon!

Teachers, we would love you to take part in our world wide release. During the time when we would be doing our final tweaks to the functionality, we instead invite you to be part of our important mission. Please help us to get Natterhub available to as many children as possible so that we can enable our children to reap the rewards of great technology and avoid the pitfalls and the tragedy. You can give us suggestions and help us to improve and we can work together to keep our children safe online.

Children love Natterhub. If children are using screens as part of their learning and their communication, then Natterhub needs to be part of their routine. Like wearing armbands for swimming, like wearing a helmet to ride a bike, Natterhub is what comes before children have online independence.

Natterhub prepares children to thrive online.
Thank you so much for your help and support.

Caroline and Manjit x


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