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Case Studies

Photo for North London Collegiate School case study
North London Collegiate School
"We enjoy the range of activities and flexibility the platform allows us in the classroom to teach e-safety lessons."
Photo for Maidwell Primary School, Northampton case study
Maidwell Primary School, Northampton
"...a framework to teach important digital literacy skills and critical thinking at a time when they need it more than ever."
Photo for Mere Brow CE Primary School, Preston case study
Mere Brow CE Primary School, Preston
"At Mere Brow, Natterhub lessons are taught on a weekly basis."
Photo for St Faith's Church of England Infant and Nursery School, Lincoln case study
St Faith's Church of England Infant and Nursery School, Lincoln
"Setting up children and staff is simple and straight forward."
Photo for Brookhouse School, Kenya case study
Brookhouse School, Kenya
"Natterhub was a godsend during lockdown and the support that I received from the team was just amazing."
Photo for Frensham Heights School, Surrey case study
Frensham Heights School, Surrey
"Everything is in one place - it’s great! The lesson teacher notes are on point and it all links to the assessment."
Photo for Swallownest Primary School, Sheffield case study
Swallownest Primary School, Sheffield
"I love the fact that Natterhub replicates real life social media in a safe environment."


Avatar for Anne Davidson testimonial
"With the intuitive interface, thorough teaching notes and brilliant visuals, the Welcome Lesson went down an absolute treat. The children commented throughout and were able to get a full understanding of how Natterhub works."
Anne Davidson, Digital Lead, Thomas', Clapham
Avatar for Nick Oram-Tooley testimonial
"Pupils can take risks in a safe environment, and learn from them. They can make mistakes without real-world digital consequences. And the visual assessment aspect just boosts their self-esteem and provides a lot of motivation."
Nick Oram-Tooley, Class Teacher, Frensham Heights, Surrey
Avatar for Julie Harris testimonial
"Natterhub have put thought into lesson functionality, assessment, communication and curriculum alignment. As a head teacher, it is the sort of platform I recommend that schools consider implementing."
Julie Harris, Head Teacher, Oak House British School, Barcelona
Avatar for Daniel Meade testimonial
"It’s a fantastic resource that will save our team time and effort when it comes to planning, assessment and teaching."
Daniel Meade, Computing Lead, Nafferton Primary School, Yorkshire
Avatar for Katie Hitchcox testimonial
"It's clear that the visuals, language choices and subject matter of each lesson has been carefully crafted to be appropriate to each year group."
Katie Hitchcox, Class Teacher, Hall Grove School, Surrey
Avatar for Sarah Hall testimonial
"The Badges of Honour assessment system allows me to see which children were in what lessons and how they have achieved. As the computing lead, it supports my overall picture of school progress."
Sarah Hall, Computing Lead, Hartside Primary Acadmey, County Durham
Avatar for Kate Ringrose testimonial
"Natterhub is the perfect Trojan Horse to engage children in the serious matter of online safety. As teachers and parents it's the magic we've all been waiting for. Clever, thoughtful, vibrant and exciting!"
Kate Ringrose, Deputy Head, The Courtyard School, Belgium
Avatar for Amanda Konrath testimonial
"The training was perfectly pitched. The information presented allows us all to get started – even the less confident staff.
Huge thanks to your CCO, Caroline, and to the Natterhub team!"
Amanda Konrath, Head Teacher, St Faith's CofE Infant School, Lincoln
Avatar for Galen Hill testimonial
"The teacher-led lessons are very clear, easy-to-follow, and all come with simple teacher notes and guidance."
Galen Hill, Head of Juniors, Read School, Yorkshire
Avatar for Jess Smales testimonial
"We are thoroughly loving the platform and the children love it too. It's very detailed and extensive and it has given the children the opportunity to have deep meaningful discussions while enjoying the platform."
Jess Smales, Computing Lead, Swallownest Primary School, Sheffield
Avatar for Geoff Woods testimonial
"As soon as you start using the platform, you realise how intuitive it is and how school friendly it is too."
Geoff Woods, Digital Lead, Maidwell Primary School, Northampton
Avatar for Mohini Bahal testimonial
"Natterhub could not have come at a more opportune time. It enables teachers to teach their students to be responsible, kind and safe as they venture out into the digital world."
Mohini Bahal, Class Teacher, Brookhouse School, Kenya
Avatar for Jess Rowe testimonial
"It's easily structured from a teacher’s perspective and you can pick and choose lessons to fit into the Computing and PSHE Curriculum."
Jess Rowe, Class Teacher, Mere Brow CE School, Preston
Avatar for Debbie Kelly testimonial
"Upon seeing how Natterhub addresses online safety, we decided we couldn't afford not to have it in our school."
Debbie Kelly, Head Teacher, Beaumont Academy, Huddersfield
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