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Swallownest Primary School, Sheffield

Photo for the Swallownest Primary School, Sheffield case study

Swallownest Primary School have been enthusiastic members of the Natterhub community since the early days, and their feedback has been invaluable in creating the best experience possible for our teachers. Thank you to Jess, Computing Lead at Swallownest, for your comments.


Tell us about the quality of our Teacher led and Natterled lessons...

The quality is great! I can always just pick them up and use them very easily. I love the fact that there are so many different teacher represented through the Natterled lessons.

The children particularly like the stories within the lessons and the polls as we usually have some amazing discussions from these.


Talk to us about how easy or difficult it is to use the platform.

The platform is very easy to use and the children love it. Once onto the home page the children can work all the features with very little input as it is very clear and self explanatory.


How does the assessment system (The Badges of Honour) aid your teaching and learning?

I use this aspect more as a reflection of overall coverage so that I know that the children are get a broad and balanced understanding of E-safety.


How did Natterhub support you and your pupils during the lockdown?

We used Natterhub throughout the last lockdown, the children were both completing lessons set on at a hub but also using it as a platform to post their work that they had completed in other lessons. Teachers then used it as an opportunity to provide feedback directly to the child or as an opportunity for children to provide peer feedback.


What do you say to your colleagues about Natterhub?

Every teacher in school loves Natterhub! Usually, most conversations centre around the fabulous conversations children are having on the news feed.


Our approach of ‘experiential learning’ is different from other online safety provision. What, in your experience, is the impact of this approach?

This approach mirrors the way that I structured the computing lessons in school as each lesson starts with tinker time where the children are allowed to explore the application we are using in that lesson. In my opinion this is the best way that children learn as they are allowed to discuss and problem solve in their own time and the learning is usually much easier remembered as the children have explored it themselves.


How is Natterhub is impacting your pupils understanding of digital literacy?

I love the fact that Natterhub replicates real life social media in a safe environment. Their understanding of the online world has greatly improved and it has provided me with many opportunities to have great discussions about their lives online.


How can we improve Natterhub?

An easier way to log in for the younger children, as we have a very long school name it takes the children a long time to type in the school, whereas if we had a code for instance 4 numbers and a letter this would be a lot quicker. Thanks to Jess's feedback, we have simplified the Natterhub login process with QR codes and Hub shortcodes.

Also, it would be great if I could create lessons on Natterhub, where a little animated version of my avatar could talk the children through the tasks. Then on the last page they are prompted to take a screenshot


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