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  • 57% of 7-8 year olds play games with higher age restrictions
  • 75% of 8-9 year olds have posted a photo of themselves online
  • Six in ten 7-8 yr olds distracted in class thinking about gaming
  • 84% of 10-11 yr olds felt angry or frustrated when gaming
  • 53% of 9-10 yr olds say tech made them sad, lonely, worried or angry
  • 75% of 9-10 year olds have experienced cyberbullying
  • 80% of 7-8 year old pupils felt pressured or anxious online
  • 75% of of 6-7 year olds have joined a chat online
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The dangers are real but your child doesn't need to become another statistic.
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We've got you covered, Natterhub will teach your child to be safe, smart and kind online.

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Give your child a fun, safe and responsible online experience. They will learn essential digital skills with Natterhub.

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Supercharge your child's wellbeing and digital confidence. Natterhub provides the learning they'll need from 5-11 years.

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Protecting your child from online harms.

We know that you worry about your child's wellbeing online - and rightly so.

Our expert program of interactive lessons and activities provide the knowledge and skills your child needs to stay safe.

We cover all the critical topics of greatest concern to you.

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Prepares your child for a future of social media
Preview Icon Teaches your child appropriate online behaviour
Forum Icon Ensures your child stays safe in group chats & gaming
Fake News Icon Teaches your child to spot scams and fake news
Online Safety Icon Teaches your child the difference between banter and bullying
Report Icon Explains when and how your child needs to report issues
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Findings from the Natterhub Data Report show that…


of 6-7 year olds have
set up some kind of
online profile


of 8-9 year olds have
shared images or
videos online


of 10-11 year olds
believe they can share
anything online - as
long as no one finds
out it was them


of 8-9 year olds have
been upset online

From as little as £4.99 a month, your child can access the online safety skills they need.

Hear from parents, caregivers and home educators

  • " It’s easy to feel like you're losing control of their childhood when they use devices. Natterhub Home has made me feel more comfortable with it all."
    Kiri Walsh
  • "As a single parent of three it’s a big ask to monitor everything they do online. When I found Natterhub Home, it felt like getting an internet nanny I could rely on."
    Julia Sutcliffe
  • "They seem to know more than I do on devices but I wanted to make sure my children are safe and happy online. Discovering Natterhub has an online safety solution for home is a big relief for me."
    Duncan Mendleson
  • "Having used Natterhub for teaching purposes at school, it’s great they've come up with a version parents can use for online safety at home."
    Mandeep Kaur
  • "My son was nagging me for a phone. Now with Natterhub Home, he can earn the device once I’m happy his online safety learning is complete. Thanks Natterhub!"
    Joshua Goldstein
  • "I was searching for the right online safety advice to pass onto my kids - without success. Natterhub Home has taken away that burden because I now know they are getting expert advice."
    Jennifer Glasbrook
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