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Have the Conversation

Our #HaveTheConversation Campaign is supported by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and urges everyone to ‘have the conversation before someone else does.’

Highlighting that online safety conversations need to be happening now - in schools and at home - to give primary-aged children the ability to detect danger in the digital environment and help them to thrive online.

Education is key.

Have the conversations in your school before someone else does.


Every two minutes, that webpage showed a child being sexually abused.

IWF, 2021

62% of internet users have encountered at least one potential harm online in the last four weeks.

Ofcom, 2022

50% of all 10-11 year olds have a device in their room overnight

Natterhub, 2021/2022
Child sexual abuse, which is facilitated and captured by technology using an internet connection, does not require the abuser to be physically present, and most often takes place when the child is in their bedroom - a supposedly 'safe space' in the family home. If we can facilitate timely and engaging conversations with children, at school and at home, this scenario should be entirely preventable.
Susie Hargreaves OBE, IWF CEO

Cybersmart in Seven Minutes for Teachers


We provide a unique, scenario-based online safety platform for primary schools. With 350+ curriculum-mapped lessons and a planning and assessment tool, it's the the online safety solution that gets people talking. (edited)

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