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Whenever children use technology there are risks. That's why we've created Natterhub Home to give you peace of mind.

Natterhub Home is an award-winning program of online safety learning for your child. Working through the key skills through a series of important lessons, they'll enjoy the animated teacher and interactive quizzes along the way.

Motivated by a personalised reward - set by you - your child will soon develop the vital digital life skills they need

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  • "I have no idea what they're doing when they're gaming."
  • "My child has already been upset by something she saw online."
  • "My son wants a phone. How do I know he'll be safe?"
  • "How do I know if my child is ready for TikTok?"
  • "When's the right time to let them go on social media?"
  • "My daughter is putting pressure on me to let her join group chats."
  • "She tells me her friends are allowed to go online but I'm not ready."
  • "Sometimes gaming makes my son really angry."
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Progress celebrated with topical badges

We’ve made it easy to see your child’s learning with our badge system. Every completed lesson earns badge power, and there’s a handy chart on your dashboard that displays their progress.

Badges are grouped into eight online safety categories. Each represents topics that are important for your child to learn.

Chat It

Chat It - Spot the scams and fake news

Teaching your child how to communicate kindly and respectfully with others online and highlighting the nuances of digital chats.
Balance It

Balance It - Know when to switch- off from screens

Exploring the pros and cons of technology to help your child achieve a healthy balance between online and offline activities.
Feel It

Feel It - Learn to handle group chats & social media

Helping your child to navigate the social challenges of online communication, particularly within public forums.
Learn It

Learn It - Have great online experiences

Giving your child the opportunity to safely explore the wealth of ideas and information available online. Showing them how to research, communicate and share experiences.
Mind It

Mind It - Create the right online profile

Highlighting the long-lasting nature of digital content and providing your child with guidance on how to protect and build their online reputation.
Question It

Question It - Spot the scams and fake news

Encouraging your child to ask questions and research ideas online. They will be taught to question information sources and how to spot fake news.
Secure It

Secure It - Don’t let them in. Lock it down

Demonstrating how your child can stay safer online using privacy settings and giving them a good understanding of how their digital information is gathered, stored and used.
Think It

Think It - How to behave online

Providing insight as to the influence and impact your child’s actions can have online. Ensuring they learn to pause before posting anything in public forums.

The education your child needs before they venture online.



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What is Natterhub Home?
An educational program for 5-11 year olds to learn how to make better decisions when they go online. It is designed to give parents/carers and home educators a solution to reduce their child's online vulnerability.
How often does my child need to do Natterhub Home lessons?
It's important to maintain momentum so we recommend a minimum of one lesson per week. A good way to achieve this is to set the personalised reward as 'earning screen time' so that children have to complete a lesson in order to have free play time on their devices. 
How long do the lessons take?
It depends on the age and abilities of the individual but most lessons require around 20 minutes.
How long does my child need to use Natterhub Home?
Because the internet is a complex place and children visit a wide range of topics across all of the Natterhub lessons, children should be encouraged to use Natterhub regularly until the age of eleven years old. As this age is the most popular time for parents to give their child a mobile phone, regular, extended use of the Natterhub system is recommended.
How much does it cost for a Natterhub Home subscription?
Natterhub Home is based on a monthly subscription of £4.99 and includes up to four children. Visit our pricing page for more information.
How is Natterhub Home educational?
Children learn best from real-life experiences, which is why we provide a 'hands-on' approach to online safety. In order to protect wellbeing and safety, Natterhub offers a program of lessons to prepare your child for a digital world so that they have skills and knowledge to thrive online. Our lessons align to national educational standards, so you can be assured your child is receiving a trusted and credible online safety education.
How do I get in touch if I need any help with Natterhub Home?
 Just drop us a line at and describe your query as best as you can so we can help you out.
What devices can my child use Natterhub Home on?
Natterhub Home can be accessed from most tablets, laptops and desktops with an internet connection, using any commercial web browser. We do not recommend using a smartphone to complete lessons as this will not display lesson content correctly.

What should I do if I am having technical difficulties?
In the event you are experiencing any technical issues with Natterhub Home please carry out the following checks: If you are using a smartphone to access the lesson program, please be aware that our lessons are not fully compatible in this view and should be accessed via a computer, laptop or tablet. Are you attempting to add more than four children to one account? All of our price packages provide access for up to four children. Should you require additional accounts please get in touch so we can assist you.

In Natterhub Home you can click on the 'people' icon (top right of your dashboard) and go to 'Suggestions'. A 'Product Support' request can be sent from there. If you cannot access your dashboard, please use contact us via email.

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