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Brookhouse School, Kenya

Photo for the Brookhouse School, Kenya case study


Brookhouse School in Nairobi, Kenya, was one of Natterhub's first International schools, and boy are we glad they came on board. Their energy for using Natterhub in the classroom has been second to none! A big thank you to Mohini Bahal, a Year Two teacher, for introducing us into such an exhuberent and forward thinking school.


Tell us about the quality of our Teacher led and Natterled lessons...

I have thoroughly enjoyed using Natterhub as a whole and so have my students. Natterhub was a godsend (still is!) during remote learning. We are back to remote learning now, so I know my kids will be thrilled to be able to interact online as the lesson is going on. I have not used Natterled lessons yet but will do so now and am excited to do so.


Talk to us about how easy or difficult it is to use the platform.

It is an easy platform to use and the staff at Natterhub have been amazing in helping with any questions that I have had and that is also what has made it easier.


How does the assessment system (The Badges of Honour) aid your teaching and learning?

The kids feel very proud when they receive a Badge of Honour and that motivates them to participate fully in the lesson. It is a great incentive tool for me to use.


How did Natterhub support you and your pupils during the lockdown?

As I have mentioned before, Natterhub was a godsend during lockdown and the support that I received from the team was just amazing. I will always be grateful for the friendly support I received and have continued to receive. We are in lockdown again, so my kids and I are looking forward to using Natterhub together again.


What do you say to your colleagues about Natterhub, and what do they think about the platform?

I tell them that it is a great platform that does an amazing job of teaching our children about digital safety and being good citizens online. These are important lessons in this day and age.

They also enjoy using it with their students and find it very useful.


What are your pupils' experience of Natterhub?

“It is a lot of fun and teaches us how to be safe online” – Emma

“I like the lessons and like receive the badges” – Kailani

“I look forward to Nattercalm” - Lyn


Our approach of ‘experiential learning’ is different from other online safety provision. What, in your experience, is the impact of this approach?

I think this approach works with Natterhub and everything they have done so far and continue to do is having a positive impact on the kids’ learning.


Please describe how Natterhub is impacting your pupils understanding of digital literacy.

They are beginning to understand the importance of keeping safe online and what is the right behaviour to adopt when online.


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