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Frensham Heights School, Surrey

Photo for the Frensham Heights School, Surrey case study


We were excited when Frensham Heights came on board as their school culture sits so perfectly in line with Natterhub's educational foundations. Learning through play, taking risks, and exploring without judgement. Thank you to Nick and Paul who firstly introduced Natterhub to their Year 6 classes, and now have many other team members on board.


Tell us your thoughts about the quality of our Teacher led and Natterled lessons...

The Natterhub teacher-led lessons aren’t like anything I’ve come across when using other resources. Everything is in one place - it’s great! The children love interacting in the comments, the teacher notes are on point and it all links to the assessment badges. Couldn’t ask for more. 

I’ve used a few of the Natterled lessons with my class and they’ve thoroughly enjoyed them. They’re perfect for those moments when you need groups to get on independently.


Talk to us about how easy or difficult it is to use the platform.

After I had spent a bit of time exploring the platform and figuring out where the lessons were and how the children could use the news feed, it’s been plain sailing from there.

The only thing that our team had to put our heads together for was adding pupils to a hub. But, we’ve spotted the new Natterhub tours which walks you through it no problem.


How does the assessment system (The Badges of Honour) aid your teaching and learning?

As I already mentioned, it’s such a bonus when everything is in one place. The teacher-led and Natterled lessons all link to the assessment tool which makes seeing gaps in pupil understanding really simple. 

It’s nice and visual, so it also means my class can measure their progress and see which online skills they need to demonstrate more.


How did Natterhub support you and your pupils during the lockdown?

We used Natterhub as a way to keep our classes interacting during lockdown. Had we not already set up another platform for sharing learning we probably would have used Natterhub, however it was perfect for keeping the children communicating and sharing every day news.


What do you say to your colleagues about Natterhub?

It wasn’t a hard sell, that’s for sure. We chatted about children experiencing ‘social media’ for themselves would develop their skills tenfold compared to other more abstract resources available, and that was that!


Can you please share a few responses from your pupils about their experience of Natterhub?

“The news feed is my favourite part about Natterhub because I could share photos and videos when we were all at home.” 

“I really enjoy Natterhub lessons with Mr Oram-Tooley because it’s all new things we’re learning.” 

“The Natterled lessons are so cool - it’s like having a real lesson but from a different teacher! The Flip n Dip game is the best one :)” 


What do your colleagues think about Natterhub?

They’re all enjoying it as much as I am. Their classes are all responding well to the lessons and are always eager to take part in the lessons. 

We’ve received great support from the Natterhub team with any questions we had as we were setting it up; their responses are super quick and friendly.


Our approach of ‘experiential learning’ is different from other online safety provision. What, in your experience, is the impact of this approach?

Our ethos at Frensham is to provide a robust academic environment alongside rich experiences which instill confidence in the children. Natterhub is a perfect illustration of this. 

Pupils can take risks in a safe environment, and learn from them. They can make mistakes without real-world digital consequences. And the visual assessment aspect just boosts their self-esteem and provides a lot of motivation. 

It fits our school culture completely.


How is Natterhub impacting your pupils understanding of digital literacy?

Something that has really stood out to me when teaching the Mind It and Feel It lessons is that the children already knew it’s the right thing to do to be kind online. But so many hadn’t had the experience to demonstrate it. Their sense of empathy and resilience is developing so quickly, and is actually now reflecting in their real-life friendships too.


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