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St Faith's Church of England Infant and Nursery School, Lincoln

Photo for the St Faith's Church of England Infant and Nursery School, Lincoln case study

The team at St Faith's Infant School has been a Natterhub school since we launched back in April 2020. Their consistent use, feedback, suggestions and praise has not only been supportive throughout, but they've helped us to make Natterhub what it is 1 year into an exciting journey. A huge thank you to all at St Faith's for your enthusiasm, open-mindedness and loyalty!


Tell us about your experience of using the Natterhub lessons...

We rate the teacher-led and the Natterled lessons 5/5! They are clear and easy to follow. They really allow the opportunity for open discussion about key issues and we have used lessons to support incidents that have happened at home.

The Natterled lessons are also clear and easy to follow. Using the 'Lesson Evidence' section, it's easy to see which children have completed them and their thoughts and contributions.


How have you found using the platform so far?

Really easy! Even easier since using the group login in via code or QR code. It's easy to navigate, easy to find lessons and easy to access pupil information. Setting up children and staff is simple and straight forward. It sounds a little silly, but there are not many buttons/options - it's just simple.


How does the assessment system (The Badges of Honour) aid your teaching and learning?

It shows us which area we may want to focus on next and also gives the children fuel to do more.


How did Natterhub support you and your pupils during the lockdown?

We used the platform everyday with the children who were in school, and then a couple of lessons with the home learners as we were only just getting started. It was something different and refreshing for everyone!


What do your pupils think of Natterhub?

"I love talking to my friends and drawing pictures."

"I love earning badge power. I've nearly filled my Chat It badge."

"It teaches us how to be safe online and what to do if someone is unkind."


And what do your colleagues think of Natterhub?

"It has made teaching simpler by having only one resource for teaching PSHE and E-safety. It's easy-to-follow lessons, with straightforward lesson plans and notes, help aid discussions."


How do you describe Natterhub to your colleagues?

Easy. Fun. E-safety in a nutshell!


How has Natterhub impacted your pupils understanding of digital literacy?

It has shown how amazingly sensible our children are! They know how to support each other and be positive online citizens. I sometimes don't think we give them enough credit when thinking about sharing things online. They are now more aware of the dangers and what to do when things don't seem right.


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