Live Cyberbullying Lessons: A Must for Anti-Bullying Week!
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Live lessons for Anti-Bullying Week

You are welcome to join us for a free live lesson as part of Anti-Bullying Week.

Cyberbullying is a rising concern for children’s wellbeing. More often than not bullying issues in school start online, so it’s critical that pupils learn how to behave and interact with others in the digital world.

In an exciting first for Natterhub, we invite your class to join us for a fun and interactive live lesson. Each day we’ll be exploring anti-bullying themes in an age-appropriate way.

We’ll be ‘Live at 11:00’ each day through Anti-Bullying Week (13-17 November) with a lesson for every primary year group.

Over half of 10-11 year olds have seen or experienced online bullying.

7 in 10 of 9-10 year olds unsure of what's banter or bullying.

60% of 8-9 year olds have felt anxious online.

Photo of Natterhub being used in the classroom

How you can get involved

We’ve handpicked Natterhub lessons perfectly aligned to the theme of Anti-Bullying Week, encouraging your pupils to talk about the importance of being kind and respectful to others online.

The lessons are far from a ‘sit down and be quiet’ format, and pupils are an integral part, with timed interactive questions and polls keeping everyone on their toes. It will have a real community feel with other schools taking part at the same time.

Attendance is free and we welcome registrations from all primary schools - you don’t need to be a Natterhub school to participate.

This is a UK event and all times are GMT, international schools are welcome to register but please ensure the time differences will work for your class.

Places on each session are limited, so please hurry if you would like to attend with your pupils.


Register your class for a live lesson

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