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The introduction of social media has dramatically changed the face of childhood and the pressures of growing up have been acutely affected by this new pervasive facet of society. We do not yet understand the long-term impact of growing up in an online community that is effectively lawless.
Changing the way we educate children’s online practices and social awareness
It is well documented that emotional wellbeing and cognitive development are symbiotic. If you agree with the research that has found a strong link between academic success and emotional well-being then this would imply that the focus in Education should be centred on developing smart, confident young learners who then have the cognitive capabilities to navigate their real and virtual worlds safely and successfully.
Who is Natterhub for?
Primary Years 1-6
Using a simple Social Media interface, Natterhub works and feels like a Social Media site. Aligned with the UKCCIS document, Education for a Connected World, Natterhub has been populated with all your online safety and digital citizenship lesson plans along with a newsfeed for the class to share their ideas, suggestions and work. Share birthday news, video a maths solution, interview a friend, photograph your art project. Let's talk about Social Media.
What features does it have?
The digital badges of honour
As children progress through the school, they will be awarded points on our esteemed Badges of Honour programme. At the end of the year, they will be awarded with a digital badge that will enable them to progress through to the next stage towards the prestigious ' DIGITAL CITIZEN' accolade to send them off to secondary education. Having this merit will inform future teachers that they are capable of an appropriate level of digital independence.
How will I use it in the classroom?
What does Natterhub do?
If our education system is to properly encourage and support wellbeing, we need to place our future generation's happiness at the heart of the curriculum. Natterhub will ensure that schools are properly equipping our children with adequate social media guidelines, effective schemes of work for digital citizenship and educational frameworks that mirror their digital lives outside of the classroom. Rather than being fearful of the childhood this generation of children are living in, how exciting to be a part of the change that can turn this around.
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