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New Parent Hub Coming Soon.

Natterhub prepares children to thrive online. By using Natterhub your child will:

  • learn the skills they need to stay safe and savvy online
  • become digitally independent
  • understand the importance of kindness and respect online
  • be prepared for their first mobile phone

The Parent Hub will allow you:

  • to monitor your child’s progress
  • up skill your knowledge about new screen trends and privacy settings
  • to take comfort that your child is having outstanding, age appropriate, screen training

Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

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Digital Intelligence

Natterhub guides children and teaches them how to be savvy sceptical online users of the digital world by giving lessons on spotting fake news, understanding how images can be modified and how information can be shared to large groups of vulnerable people.

At Natterhub we believe it is vital learning for children to be safe, and as parents you can feel safe knowing that your child has had this learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we teach children about social media?

How does Natterhub fit into our school curriculum?

Why is online safety so important?

If you are new to Natterhub or have any questions, please take a look at our FAQ section

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