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Due to further lockdown arrangements, Natterhub's FREE access has been extended until March 8th 2021.
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Run by the educational publishing house Twinkl, TwinklHive is an accelerator programme designed to help edtech startups by offering them customisable cash investment, mentorship, access to services and residency.
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TwinklHive & Natterhub

We’re proud to be the first startup to receive the support of TwinklHive, which invests in organisations that share Twinkl's passion for helping those who teach and we continue to work closely with their brilliant team to this day. 

So far, the company has invested over £1 million in cash and services into Natterhub, including exceptional work facilities and highly skilled and dedicated teams. Their support was invaluable as we worked fast-track our launch in April 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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