Free super-sized virtual online safety workshop for parents

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Natterhub extends support for parents with free super-sized virtual online safety workshop

Natterhub extends support for parents with free super-sized virtual online safety workshop

Natterhub, the award-winning online safety platform, is delighted to announce that it is
super-sizing its free virtual online safety workshop to include parents from all schools
across the UK.

Helping children thrive online through its unique scenario-based approach, Natterhub is for
the first time extending its invitation to this popular event to parents from all schools, rather
than only those who subscribe to Natterhub's platform. Schools are invited to get involved in
this exciting new initiative by signposting parents to the free event to be held on Thursday
October 6th 2022 at 7pm.

Natterhub's research shows that 76% of children aged 10-11 have shared an image online,
and Ofcom recently reported that 30% of 5-7 year olds already have a social media account.
With this in mind, parental behaviour and involvement has a significant impact on a child’s
digital experience, but many parents struggle to understand what children are accessing and
how to manage the risks. Natterhub's free workshop addresses these issues by helping

● Discover how they can support and reinforce online safety education at school.
● Learn how to lead important conversations with their child about their digital life.
● Get top tips on how to achieve balance with tech use at home.
● Access great resources to help manage their child's online safety.

Natterhub Co-Founder and CEO Manjit Sareen said:

As parents, we know how overwhelming it can feel to stay abreast of children’s virtual lives.
We support families
by encouraging positive digital behaviour that aligns with family expectations and
reduces online vulnerability. We want to extend this offering to as many families as

Natterhub's virtual online safety workshop is completely free of charge. For more
information and to register your interest, visit: Online Safety Parent Workshop for details

Natterhub is an educational social media platform created to prepare primary school children to thrive online.

Our interactive lessons give children all the skills that they need to stay safe in a digital landscape, and our Badges of Honour help teachers to keep track of their progress.

Natterhub is powered by TwinklHive, and is used in over 50 countries around the world. Twinkl, a global educational publishing house, offers primary and secondary resources to 8.5 million members, across 197 countries.

For press enquiries about the work of Natterhub or spokespeople for comment on issues relating to child safety online, please contact Natterhub on 0114 399 6905 or

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