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What is Natterhub for schools?

Natterhub is a safe, gated educational social media platform for primary schools, with weekly interactive lessons on all aspects of online safety for Years 1-6. It looks and functions like 'real' social media but it is gated to the school environment, meaning that children can explore and play in a safe, online space to properly understand the benefits and potential pitfalls of social media. 

We're powered by TwinklHive, an edtech investment space started by the renowned educational publisher Twinkl.
What is the Natterhub philosophy?
We all use screens more than ever, especially young children. If unchecked, the use of social media and excess screen time can have a damaging impact on our wellbeing. 

We want to change this by providing a space that prepares children to thrive online. With Natterhub, children learn about the importance of kindness, respect and empathy when communicating online.
How does Natterhub fit into the National Curriculum?
Natterhub lessons are mapped against the new compulsory Relationships and Health Education (RSHE) curriculum, as well as the UKCIS 'Education for a Connected World' document and goverment guidelines including the Online Harms White Paper. That way, you can relax knowing you've ticked all the boxes Ofsted are expecting.

For more information about how we're aligned with the curriculum, go to our Resources page to download our target trackers and alignment document.
Can international schools use Natterhub?
Natterhub's lessons are mapped against the UK National Curriculum, but we have designed the lessons to be relevant with systems used in schools around the world. So far, Natterhub has sign-ups from over 40 countries.
How does Natterhub comply with GDPR?
You can click here to read our full privacy policy and a list of all information Natterhub keeps, as well as other legal documents. 
I'm a technophobe! Can I still use Natterhub?
Every lesson comes with Teacher Notes and a Glossary of Terms, to make sure even the most inexperienced tech users are fully supported! If you need help getting used to the platform, we have some lovely video tutorials to give you a hand.

If you still have questions, feel free to email us at
How do I monitor what's happening on Natterhub?
There's no private messaging on Natterhub, so you can keep an eye on everything that goes on in the newsfeed or during the online lessons. Teachers will receive notifications about any comments that have been reported by a pupil, and you can delete or edit any post on the feed.
How many lessons are there in Natterhub?
There are weekly lessons for Years 1-6, with around 12 lessons per term. Each lesson should last between 25 and 40 minutes.
What are the Badges of Honour?
The Badges of Honour are an assessment tool that helps you track your pupils' progress through the lessons. Pupils get 'badge power' every time they finish a lesson or complete a quiz, and you can award them more badge power for positive behaviour. By the end of Year 6, pupils should have eight fully-powered badges!
What assessment and record-keeping tools does Natterhub provide?
As well as the Badges of Honour, all completed lessons are saved as evidence within the platform. A spreadsheet of data for all your pupils is available to download at any time from the 'My Hub' area. This includes their names, the number of lessons they've completed, the number of posts reported and the average time they spend on Natterhub per day.
How is Natterhub educational?
Children learn best from real-life experiences, which is why Natterhub is taking a different approach to online safety. We've created a safe, gated platform that mimics a social media environment, so that pupils can 'role play' at being online. 

Because so much of being online is about empathy, respect and communication, children need the chance to learn, apply and hone these skills in the appropriate space.
Should we be encouraging screen time in school?
Like it or not, screens are an integral part of our lives and those of our children. We should worry less about how long children are on screens and be more concerned about what children are doing on screens. Our philosophy is that children need a certain skill set in order to navigate social media and the internet once they reach the proper age. Natterhub is what comes before social media: like the training wheels on a bike.
How can I sign my child up for Natterhub?
Teachers are able to register for a Natterhub account. They can then add their pupils to this account. Children can then login using their username and password here.

You can refer your school here
What happens to inappropriate posts?
Teachers can see everything that goes on in Natterhub. There's no private messaging system, and all comments are visible to everybody. Pupils can report any post they think is inappropriate, and teachers can delete it if they wish. Then they can discuss the incident, just like they would if something happened in the playground or the classroom.
What happens if my child doesn't want to take part in Natterhub?
We want every child to feel comfortable using Natterhub. If your child doesn't want to have their comments visible to the entire class, they can use the 'mute' button to make sure only the teacher sees what they type.
Is Natterhub part of my Twinkl account?
Although Natterhub is part of the TwinklHive, Natterhub is a separate company from Twinkl and therefore subscriptions are not currently linked to your Twinkl subscription.
How do I sign up for a Natterhub account?
If you're a teacher you can sign up with your school email here
If you're a parent you can refer your child's school here.
How much does a Natterhub subscription cost?
Our annual subscription plans will be based on how many pupils attend your school:

  • Band 1 – Under 80 pupils: £275 per year 
  • Band 2 – 81 to 150 pupils: £495 per year 
  • Band 3 – 151 to 300 pupils: £695 per year 
  • Band 4 – 301 to 450 pupils: £925 per year 

Find out more about our pricing here.

If your school is part of a Multi-Academy Trust, you can reach us at to discuss bespoke pricing.
Can anyone have a Natterhub account?
To ensure that Natterhub is a safe, gated environment for children to thrive online, we take steps to make sure that all adults using the hub are teachers. If you're a parent, you can refer your school here
Can Natterhub be accessed from home?
As long as you have an internet connection, Natterhub can be accessed from anywhere using a tablet, desktop or laptop. You just need your username and password.
Can pupils use Natterhub by themselves?
Standard Natterhub lessons require supervision by a teacher, but our Natterled lessons are designed to be completed by pupils on their own, making them perfect for homework or remote learning.
Just select the lesson you want to set, and press the orange play button to post it to your news feed!
How do I share login details with my pupils?
Once you've created logins for your pupils you can download a PDF with all their details, as long as you haven't yet changed any of their passwords.

To do this you need to go to the admin area, then click on 'Pupils Table' > 'Output these pupil logins as PDF'.

Pupils can then login with this information here.
How do I get in touch if I need any help with Natterhub?
Need help with a particular feature of Natterhub? Our Tutorials page has plenty of handy videos. If you still need a hand, we're happy to talk. Just drop us a line at
What devices can I use Natterhub on?
Natterhub is a website that can be accessed from any tablets, laptops and desktops with internet, using any commercial web browser.

We cannot support the following:
  • Anything lower than iOs 10 
  • Internet Explorer 11
Is there a limit to the number of videos/photos that we can upload?
There is currently no limit to the number of files you or your pupils can upload to your account.
Can I add more than one class to the same hub?
Natterhub has been designed to be flexible. You can create a hub for individual classes, or an entire year group; whatever works for your school.
My pupils can't find their primary school on the list when they login?
If more than one teacher from your school has created a Natterhub account, it may show up in the list multiple times. If that happens, you'll need to merge the separate accounts into one single school. Send an email to, and we'll be happy to help.
What domains need whitelisting?
In order to ensure minimal issues with the platform, we recommend you whitelist the following domains:



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