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How It Works

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Interactive Lessons

Packed with over 350 interactive teacher-led and independent lessons, Natterhub's unique lesson library deals with all aspects of online safety and media literacy - everything you need to deliver a comprehensive internet safety course for kids in a really fun way.

Topics are far-reaching and delve deeply into the issues faced by children using technology.

From online bullying to self-protection, balancing screen time to external validation, Natterhub lessons provide a deep and broad digital literacy curriculum that protects wellbeing, builds resilience and scaffolds online safety.

Natterled lessons, led by animated teachers are an ideal way to provide online safety and media literacy lessons for pupils during independent learning, either in school or at home.

UK Curriculum Links

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Learning Through 'Doing'

We know that children learn best when they are 'doing'. Natterhub provides schools with an experiential learning environment that looks and feels like social media. With this exciting format, it's definitely not your average internet safety course. Kids, will love the social media element and will have lots of fun engaging in exciting lessons and activities with their classmates.

Pupils can engage in a safe space and are guided to make good choices online, build critical thinking skills and embed positive digital citizenship.

A perfect space for pupils to learn how to communicate digitally and learn the genre of social media.

Badges of Honour

Natterhub badges provide a visual tracker for pupils and a simple assessment for teachers.

Pupils can earn badge power through lessons, quizzes and directly from the teacher, so it's a great way to acknowledge achievement as they progress through their internet safety course. Kids will be motivated to receive badges and compete with their friends in class.

Assessed skills are aligned to UKCIS and England's RSHE but Natterhub's depth and breadth makes it relevant to school targets across the UK and globally.

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