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Deepak Sareen

Photo of Deepak Sareen

Deepak Sareen


As Natterhub’s COO, Deepak Sareen is our man behind the curtain: while the team all do their part to create a world where children can thrive online, he’s the one making sure we can do our jobs seamlessly.

Since graduating from Aston University with a degree in Business and Computing,, he spent five years working in IT for major players like Oracle. He and Manjit set up a property company together to develop their portfolio, before establishing the Renewable Energy Agency together in 2010. 

Deepak’s highest priority for any new project is the social impact: making sure that a company can do the greatest amount of good for the most people. That’s why he was so fascinated when he overheard Caroline discussing Natterhub at a dinner party, and urged Manjit to strike up a conversation.

When he’s not spinning plates on behalf of Natterhub, Deepak loves getting out into nature - taking long walks and cycle trips, or playing with his two sons.
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