Gemma Exelby - Marketing Manager - Natterhub
Photo of Gemma Exelby

Gemma Exelby

Marketing Manager

Gemma Exelby is Natterhub’s Marketing Manager. She specialises in planning and creating content to engage with our wonderful Natterhub community, and developing strategies to build brand awareness and meet our customers’ needs. 

Gemma’s pedagogical journey began with a BA (Hons) in Primary Education from St Mary’s University, with a focus on Art and English. Having taught in Key Stage 1 and EYFS settings, she understands the vital need for effective edtech solutions in the classroom. After six years in the classroom Gemma took the leap into Project Management at a digital marketing agency, before joining Natterhub in April 2020. We’d be lost without her unparalleled organisational skills. When she’s not raising a very curious toddler, Gemma can usually be found working her way through a groaning shelf full of cook books before running off whatever she’s just whipped up!