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Jess Witson

Photo of Jess Witson

Jess Witson

Solutions Consulant

Jess is the Solutions Consultant at Natterhub, and has had a very successful 4+ years experience within the EdTech sector.

After suffering from mental health issues, Jess began to explore holistic therapies.This brought together her passion for spirituality and wellbeing, with her need to help others, all of which began to align with her career goals. However, there was always something slightly missing. Jess knew she needed to be a bigger part of what she wanted to advocate for, the unwritten life skills - to provide children with the tools to make themselves and the world a better place.

From the first conversations with Manjit, Caroline and Ruby it became clear to Jess that Natterhub was in full alignment with her life goals, and she wanted to become part of their mission.

Alongside Jess’ need to develop her professional and personal abilities, she takes care of her two pet rats called Remy and Marti, who will do tricks in exchange for cheerios!
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