Adding a Hub

Adding a Hub

A Hub is a space within the Natterhub platform where you can group pupils to work together. You can add as many Hubs to your account as you like. We'd recommend adding one for every class in your school, but why not add one for after-school clubs, extracurricular clubs, or digital leaders groups too? This tutorial will explain how to manage your Hubs in the admin section, where you'll be able to create a new Hub, add pupils, and manage when they can access it. You can update your Hubs whenever you need to, to suit your teaching objectives.

Need to add pupils? Head to the Adding Pupils or Bulk Import Pupils tutorials to find out how.


You can find a transcript for the 'Adding a Hub' tutorial here: 

To add a new Hub, you’ll need to head into the admin section. 

Then, click on 'Hubs', and 'Add a New Hub'. 

Give your Hub a name and assign an owner, then use the tools available to set opening and closing times, and daily time limits. These can be changed later down the line at any time. 

If you’ve already got your pupils uploaded, you can add them to the Hub using the 'Add Pupil' button. Go ahead and tick those you want to add and click 'Select Pupils'. 

If you haven’t added pupils yet, not to worry, head over to our ‘Add Pupils’ or ‘Bulk Import Pupils’ tutorials to find out how.