Adding Pupils

Adding Pupils

To get started with Natterhub, you'll need to set up each child with an account. This tutorial explains how to add children individually (you can also upload multiple pupils with our bulk import tool). All you need to do is add your child's name, year group and class name and create their account. Once this is done, you can add children to your Hubs. It couldn't be simpler.

Check out our Adding a Hub tutorial here. Or why not head to our Bulk Import Pupils tutorial if you've got multiple children to add at once?


You can find a transcript of the 'Adding Pupils' tutorial here: 

To give your pupils the best experience in Natterhub, they’ll need a Natterhub account! To add them, head to your admin area. 

There are two ways to add pupils - either individually, or using a bulk import. This tutorial is going to show you how to add pupils individually, so if you’re looking for the bulk import information, head to our 'Bulk Import Pupils' video.

First, head to 'Pupils' then 'Add Pupils'.

Add in your pupil first and surname, along with their year group and form (or tutor group, class name etc.)

Don’t worry about adding in usernames or passwords… Natterhub will do that for you. 

If you’ve already set up a Hub for your pupils, you can add them to it here. If you’ve not yet done this, head to the ‘Add a Hub’ tutorial.