This tutorial will show you how you can track pupil progress in line with your chosen curriculum, as well as RSHE and UKCIS Education for a Connected World targets. It will explain how to see which targets have already been taught and which are still to do, how to browse and save lessons, and see pupil progress against each target, among other things. Tracking targets has never been easier.  

Take a look at our Natterled and Teacher-Led Lesson tutorials for more information on how lessons feed into the planning and assessment tools.


You can find a transcript of Natterhub's 'Assessment' tutorial here: 

As the teacher, you can assess pupil progress and track targets taught in Natterhub lessons.

Head to our assessment area and filter for your chosen curriculum area. The UKCIS targets will always be available, along with your chosen default curriculum. 

Here, I’m choosing to see the DfE RSHE targets, and all the UKCIS Education for a Connected World targets. 

In the list, you can see a mixture of dots and ticks. This depicts which targets have and have not been taught so far from your Natterhub account. 

If there is a target which has not yet been taught, you can click on ‘See Lessons’ to browse the lessons which cover this target. If you see one that you’d like to use with your pupils, simply bookmark it to save it to your planning section. 

All the targets listed here from your chosen filters can be exported. Simply click ‘Export Data’.

In your downloaded data sheet, you’ll be able to see which targets have been taught and how pupils have achieved. If they have completed a quiz after a teacher-led lesson, or finished an independent Natterled lesson, they will have been allocated 'developing', 'emerging' or 'secure'.

If a target has been taught via a lesson but a quiz not yet completed, it will have ‘Taught’ in the corresponding cell. Empty cells show that a target has not yet been taught. 

Further down in the spreadsheet you can see that areas of the curriculum, like RSHE, are split down further into curriculum strands for easier target tracking.