Awarding Badge Power

Awarding Badge Power

Children can earn 'badge power' by completing Natterhub lessons and taking part in quizzes, but you can give them an extra boost when you see them putting this learning into practise. This tutorial explains how to reward positive online behaviour with badge power using the 'Boost It' button on the Natterhub newsfeed.

Watch our Natterhub Newsfeed tutorial to find out more about how our newsfeed works.


You can find a transcript of Natterhub's 'Badge Power' tutorial here: 

Badge Power is awarded at the end of each lesson to all pupils who attend. 

As well as this, as pupils communicate, share and create on the Natterhub newsfeed, you as the teacher, have the opportunity to award additional badge power using the 'Boost It' function.

If you see a pupil who has demonstrated positive online behaviour, you can click 'Boost It', choose the most appropriate badge, and write a comment about why the badge power has been awarded.

Pupils will then be notified of their post being boosted, and can check out the comment left by you in their badges section.