Natterhub 'Badges of Honour' are used as a visual system to track pupils' soft skill understanding and knowledge. They are earned through completing lessons and quizzes, and by demonstrating positive online behaviour. This tutorial explains how to see what pupils learn through each badge, how much 'badge power' has been earned, and which badges need more work on a pupil, and whole class level.

Take a look at our Awarding Badge Power tutorial to find out more about how Natterhub Badges of Honour can help motivate pupils.


You can find a transcript of Natterhub's 'Badges of Honour' tutorial here: 

The Natterhub Badges of Honour measure pupil’s soft skill and knowledge development. 

Once you have clicked on 'Badges', you’ll see the individual pupil view. Here, you can see how much badge power has been earned by each pupil, either through completing lessons or demonstrating positive online behaviours in the newsfeed. 

To download pupil data surrounding the Badges of Honour, use the download icon. 

If you need a quick recap of what pupils learn through each badge, hit the badge icon at the top of the page.

If you’d rather see a whole class overview per badge, toggle the ‘Show Pupil View’ on, and you’ll be able to see which badges need more work from your Hub as a whole.