Bookmarked Lessons

Bookmarked Lessons

This tutorial explains how to bookmark Natterhub's teacher-led and Natterled lessons, and save them to your planning tool for quick and easy access later. You can browse lessons and bookmark them for another time, or review targets that have not yet been taught and bookmark the lessons that cover them.

Watch our Natterled and Teacher-Led Lesson tutorials, here. Or see our Planning tutorial to find out more about how lessons link in to the planning tool.


You can find a transcript of Natterhub's 'Bookmarking Lessons' tutorial here: 

In several of our other tutorial videos, we mention bookmarking lessons. This is a feature which allows teachers to save lessons they'd like to come back to another day.

Once you have set up your planning section, you’ll be able to use the 'Bookmarked Lessons' tab. See our Planning tutorial to see how to do this. 

There are a couple of places you will want to use the bookmark feature. Let’s go back to the dashboard and head to the lesson library. 

When browsing the lesson library, you may see a lesson you want to come back to another day. All you have to do is click ‘Bookmark Lesson’.

Going back to the dashboard again and heading into the assessment section. This is an easy-to-use tool to track which curriculum targets you’ve taught and how your pupils are achieving. For any targets which have not yet been taught, you can click ‘See Lessons’ to see which lessons cover the target. Here, you can also bookmark a lesson. 

Heading back to the planning tool and clicking on the 'Bookmarked Lessons' tab, you can see all your saved lessons here.