Bulk Import Pupils

Bulk Import Pupils

If you want to upload multiple pupils to Natterhub at once, then this tutorial will show you how (you can also add them individually). Simply download Natterhub's CSV template, complete it with your children's details, and upload to Natterhub!

To find out how to add pupils individually, head to our 'Adding Pupils' tutorial.


You can find a transcript of the 'Bulk Upload Pupils' tutorial here: 

Uploading pupils can be made into a quick job by using Natterhub’s bulk uploading tool. 

First, head to your admin area. You can upload pupils one by one using our ‘Adding Pupils’ tutorial, or to upload on bulk, click on 'Import Pupils'.

Download Natterhub’s template CSV file to help you organise pupil data. 

Remove the example data, and start filling in pupil names, year group, and form or tutor group, class name etc.

Leave the username and password blank - Natterhub will sort this one out!

The UPN number is unique to every pupil. I know that there are already 70 pupils in this school account, so this list is going to start from 71. If you’re uploading all the pupils in the school at once, you can start from 1. 

Download your CSV file, and then upload to Natterhub.

Check your data, and then click ‘Upload Pupils’.

Your pupils are now ready to add to a Hub!