Knowledge Polls

Knowledge Polls

Natterhub's knowledge polls are one way that pupils can interact with teacher-led lessons. They are included in each lesson and are a great way to explore children's knowledge of online safety and digital citizenship, as well as help form topics for future discussion. Watch this tutorial to find out how.  

Take a look at our Teacher-Led Lessons tutorial to find out more.


You can find a transcript of Natterhub's 'Knowledge Polls' tutorial here: 

Within Natterhub’s teacher-led lessons, there are plenty of opportunities for pupils to interact with the content. This may be through commenting, posting images, uploading offline learning, or, voting in a Natterhub knowledge poll. 

These polls have been included in every teacher-led lesson to explore what pupils know and how they feel based on their experiences. 

As you can see, the poll results can be viewed by the teacher in real-time, which can form further discussion points and shape future conversations. 

The poll data is all anonymous, but if appropriate, teachers can ask pupils to share further opinions in the comments or in the classroom.