Natterled Lessons

Natterled Lessons

Unlike our teacher-led lessons which are designed for teachers to deliver to the whole class, Natterled lessons can be posted to Natterhub's newsfeed for children to complete independently. They feature animated teachers who guide children through various learning activities, such as quizzes, Q&A sessions, interactive whiteboard activities and more - watch this tutorial to see how they work.

Check out our Reviewing Lessons tutorial to find out how to see pupils contributions to Natterled lessons. And watch our Planning & Assessment tutorials to see how lessons link in to these handy tools.  


You can find a transcript of Natterhub's 'Natterled Lessons' tutorial here: 

Natterled lessons have been designed with busy teachers in mind. 

You can either find them in the planning tool, or browse the full selection in the 'Lessons' tab. 

Much like the teacher-led lessons, you can filter by UKCIS strand, by Badge of Honour, by year group and by keyword.

Natterled lessons can be previewed and bookmarked, just like the teacher-led lessons, but instead of launching a lesson, you simply post it to the newsfeed.

Pupils will then see the Natterled lesson on their newsfeed and can begin engaging with it immediately.

Subtitles are available for pupils to switch on, as well as access to a dyslexia-friendly font.

Animated teacher: "We're going to start by finding facts, understanding opinions and seeking different points of view."

Animated teachers lead pupils through quizzes, sorting games, Q&A opportunities, interactive whiteboard activities and much more. 

Animated Teacher: "Now, if you can put delicious cheese on toast out of your mind, let's sort these statements into facts and opinions".

Everything pupils contribute towards a Natterled lesson can be found in Natterhub’s 'Lesson Evidence' section. Watch our 'Reviewing Lessons' tutorial to see where to find this. 

You’ll also find more tutorials that show you how Natterled lessons feed into the full planning and assessment system. 

Animated Teacher: "Select the face that shows how you think you did in this lesson. I had a great time exploring different opinions with you. As they say, the world is a book, so why only read chapter one?".