The Natterhub newsfeed allows children to practise their digital skills in a safe, gated space. This tutorial explains how to get the best from all the features available on the newsfeed, such as how teachers can post activities, lessons and polls, and how children can create posts and interact with their peers. 

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You can find a transcript of Natterhub's 'Newsfeed' tutorial here: 

The Natterhub newsfeed is a safe, gated space for pupils to practise and apply their digital soft skills and knowledge. Providing a space for children to learn how to safely navigate the digital world through play is invaluable and a no-brainer for the primary classroom.

Pupils can post text, images, videos, challenges, frames and so much more. It’s ideal for sharing on and offline learning, and can use the clap and comments function to engage with their peers posts.

Teachers and pupils can make use of Natterhub’s interactive whiteboard. When a teacher uses it to post an activity, pupils can open a task and complete it using the whiteboard tool, and then post to their newsfeed. 

Natterled lessons are posted directly to the newsfeed for pupils to engage with. A fantastic way to continue developing digital literacy skills and understanding, with the support of Natterhub’s animated teachers. 

Teachers can embed videos and files in newsfeed posts, as well as polls for pupils to interact with.

There are plenty of additional features to make the newsfeed exactly what you, as the teacher, needs. 

Our screen freeze button is the perfect tool when you just need your classroom to pause. When the button is tapped by the teacher, pupils see this. Ideal for those unavoidable noisy moments!

Other feed settings can be adjusted to suit your classroom too. Turn posting and clapping functions on or off, as well as the ability to post external links and polls.